Monday, January 12, 2015

Feature Picture - January 12, 2015

“Rough Start” - By Allie Tomson
According to Allie this is am early attempt at abstract imaging in Photoshop. That’s Aleister and Allie in the boat.. But What class is the boat? Put your guess in a comment and we will all learn the answer later this week.

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  1. It's a Trudeau NY30 and a cool pic, Allie!

  2. oh... and Jacqueline says here: it's a one design-class ;)

  3. Its been fun to hear all the guesses (some sent privately, some posted here) as to the identity of the boat in Allie's photo. No one made a correct guess by identifying the "Tako" in the image. Thanks for the great image Allie and the fun guessing game.

  4. A major controversy has just erupted here at the SL Sailing Association Web Site. Due to an IM from Allie that I only saw today we have to reveal to all SL sailors that we have been deceiving you.

    This deception is future evidence of our evil intent. Allie's identified the boat above as a Tako. Later she sent an IM that she misidentified the boat and that is was actually a LEETLE Cat. However even with our blatant deception of the sailing community no one guessed the correct class. So the Sailing drama continues. Grin.


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