Guidelines for Posting

In order to keep the Group running well and serve as a great place to get information, please follow these simple rules for the group. If there are any questions or problems, please feel free to contact one of the officers.

General Rules

While chat discussion is fine, the group will not tolerate rudeness, insulting comments, personal attacks or purposeless inflammatory conversations. Notices, conversations, and IM’s thru this group shall not contain racial, religious or political discussions or insults. Fights between individuals or groups will not be allowed. The Officer's group decision is final in these matters.

  • Please refrain from posting meaningless notices, one word (or short) nonsense notices, or the such.
  • Excessive advertising, spamming is not allowed. This includes using the group chat and IM system to spam other members.
  • Please do not discuss anything related to forum flame wars.
  • Please wait a reasonable amount of time before repeating notices, at least 24 hours.
  • We also do not allow Notices, or chat, that are sexual or violent in nature or violate SL community standards.
  • Adult/sexual topics and those concerning sexual orientation as used in a derogatory, inflammatory, or insensitive manner are not allowed.
  • The SLSA Officers shall be the arbitrators of what does and what does not violate group and community standards.
  • Do not post content from private correspondence, such as email or chat, within the group. Posting any other persons private information such as email, phone number or address is not allowed.
  • If you are going to post non-English notices on the group, please also post an English Translation of your notice.
  • Foul language isn't necessary to discuss sailing and help people, so it won't be tolerated. Using asterisks or any other symbol to disguise bad language is considered an infraction.
  • Please, no begging.
  • Political and religious discussion should not take place on this group.

Posting rules (for those who have the Comms Role)

Posts may contain the following content / intentions:
  • Announcement of Races or Cruises
  • Announcements of Events pertaining to racing, cruising, sailing, boating, sailing areas, (Including land availability of areas which include sailing as a major attraction. This would be determined as areas and sims which dedicate a sizable area and prim allowance for sailing and boating activities.).
  • Announcement of boating and sailing products and items which have a direct use in such activities. (When in doubt, it is advisable that a preview by one or more officers is requested.)
  • The owners of the Group reserve the right to post links to external sources of sailing information at their discretion.

 Frequency of Notices

A single Notice should be posted no earlier than three days before an event.

A Notice then can be posted the day of an event, as well as an additional Posting one hour before the same event.

With less than an hour to an event only chat IMs should be used and not in excess of three.

(Note: in the case of a special event, such as Fizz Cup, Sail for Life or things of that nature, additional allowances can be made at the discretion of the officer’s group. Do not exceed the above guidelines for any reason without the express permission of the Officer's group.).