"Featured Picture" Instructions

Every Monday and Friday Morning will we post a new Featured Picture on the Home Page  from those submitted by SL Sailors.  If you would like to submit an image for our Featured Picture page follow the guidelines below.

Robin and MTW discuss a recent submission to the
Featured Picture section of the web site.SLSA Photo

Submission Guidelines

1. Send the photo (1024 pixels wide is best) in a landscape format of a interesting image dealing with SL sailing in an email to robindivine7@gmail.com

2. Please include a  suggested caption enclosed in quotes for each photo. For example "Pretty Sailboat at Union Passage" in the same email. Captions must be 25 words or less. If we use your photo we reserve the right to use or not use the caption provided.

3. Photos must be G rated. No bare breasts or other private parts showing.

4. The SLSA Site retains the non-exclusive rights to the use of submitted photos in electronic form now and in the future.

Display your Image Proudly

Beginning December 1, 2014 the photographer of each SLSA FP image will receive a small plaque to display next to the featured photo. The plaque will contain a script that, when clicked, will give a link to your photograph on the SLSA web site.

Suggestions for Better Photos

1.Sometimes we get submissions that would have been used if the photographer had paid more attention to the COMPOSITION of the photograph. There is a good discussion of "Composition" at the third topic of THIS PAGE Try to incorporate some of these techniques in your photos. The most important of the techniques is called THE RULE OF THIRDS.

2, Consider sending more than one treatment of the photograph. There are hundreds of pre-sets in various SL viewers that let you change the lighting at the touch of a button. Often times people will use those pre-sets to that their images. Pre-sets are a two edged sword that can really make a photo pop or they can make the photo a dud. And their there are dozens of photo/paint programs out on the market that yoy can use to do post production on your image before you send it. Again, this can make the image pop or fizzle. You might consider submitting more that one treatment of your photo.

Number of Photos to Submit

In the prior publication of the "Featured Pictures Instructions" (i.e. this page) we limited the number of submissions you could send at any one time (wanting to avoid someone uploading albums of images). With changes in the "suggestions for Better Photos" above we are taking away the limitation on the number of images you can send at one time. We only ask that you don't large numbers of images. Edit your number of submissions to only those you consider your best work.

If you have sent an image that we have not used there could be several reasons we did not use it. Sometimes we don't use an image because of poor composition (see above). Other times we don't use an otherwise publishable image because of the pre-set selected (see above about submitting more than one pre-set or third party image treatment).  Othertimes we don't ues an image right away because we want to mix up the featured images (thinking about mixing up boat builders, photographers, topics, etc.). Even if we have several images from you. Continue to send us your best and keep sending then as you find and take good images.

Note: The 200L cash prize for each published photograph will be discontinued after the December 28, 2014 image.