About This Site

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This site provides the guidelines for the use of the SL Sailing Association Group in Second Life, a virtual world from Linden Lab. You can find Second Life at secondlife.com

The SL Sailing Association group is free to join in Second Life.

Introduction to SL Sailing Association on the group home page:
Do you love sailing? Have you always wanted to know how sailboats work? Check out the the SLSA!  We enjoy sailing across the virtual waters of Second Life, competitively and recreationally. SLSA members sail realistically-modeled boats that react to the actual wind. The SLSA is free to join.  Real-life and virtual sailors alike at all levels of ability are always welcomed. 
Formerly Second Life Sailing Federation.( SL Sailing Association )


The SLSA group is be structured as follows:

Owners: MarkTwain White, Nber Medici

Officers: Chaos Mandelbrot, Justin Blade

Any of above can be contacted in-world.

The owners are pleased to have two excellent leaders to serve in the role of SLSA Officers. The function of these officers is to administer the rules and be the deciding group for decisions such as pre-approval of requested notices, (as mentioned in the Guidelines for Posting section), additions of replacements to the officer group, (these as requested by the owners). They will administer corrective action towards any poster of improper notices, IMs or chat reported or observed as being in violation of the rules and guidelines listed below.

Important Information About the SLSA Group 

The SLSA group was created in 2008 by MarkTwain White as a communications tool to allow SL yacht clubs to announce races and events in SL. For six years the SLSA has served as the main conduit for SL sailors to announce and learn about SL sailing events.

Over the years some SL residents have wanted to expand the role of the SLSA group to be the official organization that held events (such as Sailing Competitions), or promoted certain products (such as start lines or wind setters). The SLSA group in SL has never nor ever will become an official organization that runs events or that gives it's "official" approval to any event, product or formal position on issues regarding SL sailing.