Who Can Post Notices

As has always been the case, commodores, owners of Yacht Clubs or persons holding titles of a verifiable similar nature and importance, can request that they and or their active race/cruise directors be added to the list of residents who can use the Comms role in SLSA to announce races, cruises and events. A resident so invited is given the rights to post because their commodore has vouched for them and puts themselves personally and their club on record of having vouched for the good character and responsible nature of said person to use the Comms role as described in the SLSA posting rules. Others may petition any officer for admission to the comm role with a justification given (such as announcing Sail for Life or similar events).

Beginning in October 2014 we have expanded the categories of residents that can post to the SLSA group.

SL Boat Builders now have the right to make direct posts about their new releases. Any SL Boat Builder may now submit a request for a post to be made on their behalf by either of the two SLSA officers or the SLSA owners.. Such posts are for the purpose of announcing new boats and related products. In general Boat Builders may not post more than once a month.

Larger SL Landholders whose sims are clearly created with a view to increase the quality of sailing in SL may request a post be made on their behalf by one of the officers or owners. These requests should not be more often than once a month. Such posts should not have a listing of available parcels but may include a link to a source of such information. The SLSA officers and owners will decide if the nature of the properties fit the criterion that the parcels and regions mentioned fall into the category of being “clearly created with a view to increase the quality of sailing in SL”.

In the case of race directors the owners of SLSA and or SLSA officers has the right to remove residents from the Comms role if said resident has not functioned in the role of RD for more than six months.