Monday, November 24, 2014

Featured Picture - November 24, 2014

Robert Redford in ALL IS LOST at Newport Bay
Image by Maiko Taurot (Waypoint Yacht Club)
Today's Featured Picture is made up of two images. When you look at these two images separately without paying attention to what Maiko Taurot is doing they do not stand our as outstanding pictures in the same sense as Maiko's Feature Picture - November 3, 2014 does. However when you look at the photo insert in each of the two pictures and see what Maiko is doing, they take on a pretty amazing nature.

Maiko uses the limited resources of SL to create a dramatic image of a real life situation of two RL photos of nautical scenes. Compare the RL photo with the SL recreation. When I do this I am impressed with the amount of work Maiko had to do to create the scenes.

These images remind me of a spectacular art event that is staged each summer near where I live. check out the video that displays the breathtaking "living pictures" from the Pageant of Masters every summer as part of the Festival of Arts of Laguna Beach . If this 'living pictures" pageant interests you here is another video.  I think a great deal of fun can be hand by reproducing RL nautical imagery in SL. Hope to see more of this from our SL artists and photographers.

JFK at Newport Bay - Image by Maiko Taurot (Waypoint Yacht Club

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  1. This is amazing! I followed the link to the Festival of Arts and thought that was extremely creative. Nice job Maiko!

  2. Fantastic work! Sooo, can anyone identify the SL boat Maiko used in his photo?

  3. My question is in reference to the second photo, JFK at Newport Bay.

  4. Stunning to say the least.
    And i think justin you can read all about that, here:

  5. Thank you.
    justinblade, This is my floating Whitehouse :P

    1. Maiko, I love your "making of an image" shot. Now THAT is funny.

    2. Thank you ZZ, I've read that article by Jane and actually have seen that photo in many places. It is an interesting story.

    3. That is funny and very creative Maiko, makes me smile.


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