Friday, December 26, 2014

Featured Picture - December 26, 2014

Cold Winter Sailing - Image taken in Blake Passage by Atlan Bade
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From the inworld announcement: 
Atlan gives us this cool (that is to say cold) sailing shot. It sort of gets under your parka and reminds you that, surely Spring must be coming soon. Why not warm up the scene by posting warm greetings to all for the new year. Just go down to comments, click on it and tell us what you plan for New Year's eve (RL or SL)


  1. Happy new year to all. I have noothing special plannedthis New Year's. I have reached that point where my best New Year's are past me. Grin. I remember in grade school grade where several of my friends and I started the new year's standing on our heads.

  2. I will probably spend a sedate evening at home. Maybe find a wild and crazy movie to watch and have a glass of cheer. I have a new to me dog and I don't know if he will be anxious about fireworks.

  3. Gorgeous photo! Congrats on pup, Nber! I was asleep by 11pm on NYE..but my pup woke me around midnight..barking at the racket outside. Happy New Year!


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