Tuesday, December 2, 2014

"Featured Picture" Feature Improved

Award Plaque with link to your featured picture
Thanks to all you that have expressed your interest in the Featured Picture post twice weekly on the SLSA web site.

Beginning the the December 1  Fatured Picture (Dark Clouds on the Horizon - Image by Petra J√§rvinen) we will be paying 200L for each image posted as the Featured Image.  Beyond that we will provide an award plaque suitable for displaying along with the Feature Image in your home.

The award will be a  clickable item that will take you and those who click on it directly to the SLSA website page containing your published picture.

Over the next couple of days be sure to monitor the Rules for submitting Feature Pictures. They will updated several times while we develop the guidelines of submitting FPs.

Current link to the instructions page

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